Just like humans,our pets can suffer from similar eye problems.

Our ophthalmology department is here to aid your pet with any eye-related issues. Our highly skilled ophthalmologist is trained in diagnosing and treating diseases and conditions of the eye by utilizing advanced technologies and equipment. Patient comfort and safety is of utmost importance, therefore we employ the latest pain management methods and sophisticated monitoring systems.

Some of the ophthalmic services we offer include but are NOT limited to:

  • Adenopexy for prolapsed gland of third eyelid
  • Blepharoplasty for entropion and ectropion
  • Complete ophthalmic examinations
  • Distichia cryoepilation
  • Conjunctival flaps
  • Corneal grafts
  • Cryosurgery, gonioimplantation, and pharmacologic cycloablation for glaucoma
  • Enucleation with orbital prosthesis
  • Etopic cilia excision
  • Keratectomy
  • Medial canthoplasty
  • Orbital surgery
  • Parotid duct transposition
  • Reconstructive eyelid surgery and tumor resection

Our diagnostic equipment includes:

  • Gonioscopy
  • Indirect ophthalmoscopy
  • Ocular ultrasound
  • Slit-lamp biomicroscopy
  • Tonometry

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