Pet Loss and Bereavement Support

Losing a Family Member

For many people, losing a pet is losing a beloved family member. We at VCVREC understand the gravity of the loss and know that pet loss can be one the most difficult times in your life. You can expect to experience a myriad of powerful and debilitating emotions as you work through the stages of grief. While all of these feelings are normal, they can become overwhelming and it is not uncommon for people to have substantial difficulty in dealing with the magnitude of their grief. If you are having a difficulty time coping with the loss of your pet, consider joining our pet loss support group where you will be able to draw support from others going through this painful process.

Our Pet Loss Support Group

We understand the unique relationship between people and their pets, and for this reason VCVREC formed a free support group to provide emotional support for clients who have lost or are anticipating the loss of a special family member. The support group will allow members to acknowledge their feelings of loss in a non-judgmental and accepting atmosphere. Our Support Group is conducted by an experienced professional grief counselor.

Our group meets at VCVREC the second Monday of every month, from 6:00pm-7:00pm. Do not hesitate to call 610-435-1553 and please make sure to RSVP in advance.

Additional Help

For additional help, please contact one of the following hotlines below:

University of Florida Pet Grief Support Hotline
352-392-2235 extension 4080

Iams Pet Loss Support Center and Hotline

Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine